Since GrandSire’s passing, things have been happening so fast a little dog such as myself can hardly keep up. Much less attempt to report . . . as is my duty & privilege.

I hardly noticed the Holiday Season had arrived when I got whisked off to MySpa & Resort so Mymi could visit the Valley of Casinos & Bling. There was much activity there, Mymi was so kind to report. What with Offspring, Grand-Offspring & Great Grand-Offspring gathering for The Opening of Presents Ceremonies on Christmas Eve & then again on Christmas Day. & of course, there was the preparation for festivities. Presents to be purchased, wrapped & hidden until the appropriate moment. Meals to purchase & prepare. Mymi says there was so much activity, Buddy, Lily & Max were almost forgotten. But they managed to make their presents known. Good job, guys.

Presents were no sooner unwrapped when it was time to pack for new destinations. #1Son & Peach planned a vacation in So. of the Border. Very exotic. So Mymi returned to My Valley on the Eve of Christmas Day. Which was for the best as there was much to be done . . . like pick up Yrs. Truly the day after. Can’t say as this trip to MySpa & Resort was as enjoyable as usual under the circumstances.

So we cleaned out GrandSire’s domain. We took boxes & bags to a local charitable organization. We brought other stuff home to our domain. Now our extra crate holds GrandSire’s sleeping mat & other human necessities & other things like favorite blankies & such. It almost feels like it belongs there . . . which it will in the short-term future. We said good-bye to the Good & Kinds Folks at the Pond. We’ll drop by occasionally to catch up & drop off the next issue of the GrandSire Memorial Nat Geo.

Movers & Shakers were so busy with stuffing stuff in my domain, they todolly forgot to pull my very own mat out from behind all the stuff stacked there. I was todolly lost for the time in which it took for Mymi to discover this error. But error corrected.

Now that things are calming down, we are beginning to form a new routine . . . New New Normal. Finally got to go out with My Auntie Judy. She likes to take me to the park & throw the ball with My ChuckIt. Which is todolly normal routine around here. & the 1st time I’d been walked properly since prior to leaving Home.

Yesterday, being New Years & all, Mymi drove me to the park. Using My ChuckIt a manner completely different from My Auntie Judy, she threw & threw the ball. I chased & fetched. So fun. Then I had a good stiff drink of water & continued with my activity. So fun bc it was me n’ Mymi . . . together.

Today we took a long Walkies to the USPO. On the way there, we hadda avoid the Pond as GrandSire’s not there anymore. Some things change slowly. We found a plastic grocery bag floating in the breeze. We picked it up & put My Poop Bag & other stuff not belonging on the street in the bag & took it to the USPO whereupon we placed the bag in the proper waste container. Some things never change.

We hadda post some bills & purchase stamps at the USPO. I guarded the front door while Mymi transacted bidness. Some things never change. On the way Home, we went thru the park. I like running & chasing squirrels & birds. Makes me feel Wild & Free. We stopped by to see Daisy Duke & JanThurs. I had a lot to share with Daisy & Autumn. But they were not about. Catch you l8r guys.

So we are trying to get into a new routine while there is still lots of stuff to be done & taken care of. I don’t know when things will ever find a New Normal but myself, personally, I’m Desparately Seeking Normal.

Altho I s’pose that can’t happen until we return GrandSire to FL-land & GrandDam. UncaT & Mymi are now thinking mid-March. I sure wanna go with them. I’ll be the Best Dog on an airplane. I flew before. I’m the Original Good Dog & Know My Purpose. But My Auntie GMama & Annie remind me that FL-land is Hostile Territory for Free Spirited K9s such as myself. So we’ll hafta consider upon that. Still Desparately Seeking Normal.
OpalK9 OTJ

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