So like . . . I been a good dog all this time. Guiding & assisting GrandSire. All of the sudden, GrandSire gets really really sickly, weak & sad & all & I, OpalK9, World Class K9 Good Citizen, Guide & Assistant, I get shut out. Slam. Boom. Outta here. Dogs are people too, my friend. We got feelings.

All to the sudden, we aren’t walkiesing to GrandSire’s. My AuntieJudy comes takes me for walkies. We go to the park & she throws my ball for me. I run & fetch. But it’s not the same. No joy in the run & the roll. But I play along bc don’t wanna hurt my AuntieJudy’s feelings. Dogs are people too, my friend.

& as previously mentioned, I been a good guide & assistant to GrandSire. He always greets me when I arrive the Pond, Mymi in tow. He loves to see me bc I’m familiar. Dogs are people too, my friend.

Now, if we getta walkies together, me n Mymi, it’s pretty short in length & duration. Then my domain is empty of my 4-wheeled associate, Venza, & Mymi’s gone til who knows when. Sometimes I don’t even get fed til later than late. Dogs are people too, my friend. We don’t like uncertainty anymore than the next person.

Getting GrandSire updates 2nd paw now. Mymi says he’s pretty sick in the hospital, like where he was when we 1st flew eastward to guide & assist him these many yrs ago. She says he’s got something like 2X pneumonia & he’s holding his own now. He’s on heavy drugs & wears a mask which might scare me if I saw it. Not so Mymi. Not so. Dogs are people too.

Mymi says hospitals just don’t see the K9/Ppl equation in the same lite & won’t allow me in to see GrandSire. So for now, I’ll just hafta be content with 2nd paw reports & pass information along to my BFFs whom I’m sure agree with me, dogs are people too, my friend.

I will keep you posted on GrandSire’s condition. Dogs are people too, my friends. Some day we’ll discuss the K9 Franchise. But that’s for another day. OpalK9 OTJ

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