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20131210_201555My UncaT & AuntieTeach came to see me n Mymi & GrandSire last weekend. So we hadda show ’em a real good time. What winter & Xmas season is like in My Valley.

1st of all they got in real real late at nite. Way past my bedtime. But I did my duty. I accompanied & guided Mymi all the way to the airport. Waited in the Waiting Lot til their plane arrived. Then we all drove home together singing Jingle Tags! I was most happy not to be getting onto a plane to be blown eastward as has been known to happen on previous occasions & trips to the airport.

Reason for the lateness of arrival was inclement weather . . . across the nation. UncaT & AuntieTeach’s plane left Point of Departure in Beantown late. Flew into the wind. & hadda de-ice upon layover in Denver, which is a very cold & high place that I, myself, have never been. Think I’m lucky to dodge the bullet on that one.

We arose the next morning to cloudy gray skies. We told ’em . . . this IS winter in My Valley. They didn’t look too impressed?! But it was gray all day as we went about our bidness. Movies & meals & touring the neighborhood Xmas decorations. Xmas decorations look much different at nite than during the day when we’re on our Walkies!

The next days was sunny & sunglasses bright & cold, cold, cold. Way down in the 40s. Burr. Good thing I got my own fur coat. We went to Berkeley, CA. Oldest campus in the UC system, Gr8 St8 of CA universities. Home of the Haight & the Ashbury. Peace Brother & Protest. We drove around the campus which isn’t exactly auto oriented but GrandSire appreciated not having to push his Rolling Walkers Assistance Device uphill & down. They had lunch at a place called Springers which to my understanding is owned & operated by the Springer Spaniel Family. So my nose was a bit out of joint that they wouldn’t let ME in. Humph! Fish leftover…not my cuppa tea.

We didn’t getta chance to show ’em our river, the River American. With all the wildlife on the banks. So we thought we’d send along a couplea extra pix of that too.

Then UncaT & AuntieTeach hadda go home . . . alla way back to Beantown. We hadda get up before the crack of dawn to get them to their plane on time. But they arrived back in Beantown 45 minutes ahead of schedule. Bye bye, UncaT & AuntieTeach. We miss you. Come again real soon.
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