So now that we got Turkey Day outta the way, onward to the High Holidays, the Giving part of Thanks & Giving. Didja watch the Macy’s Annual TG Day Parade? T’was lots more commercial interruption than actual parade. & at the end, just as Ol’ Saint Nick was making his Grand Appearance of the Season, rite down 5th Ave. NYC, they go to commercial interruption. I was so bummed. I hadda whole list for Santa to pass on to Great Todo.

We are having some crazy weather changes here in my state, the Gr8 St8 of CA. Warm & sunny, just right for Delta Rides. & then gray & chilly. Quite frankly, cold. Bone chillin’ cold. & I like my bones warm, thank you very much.

Weather changes or not, people are getting into the spirit of the holiday season. They’re putting up lights & scenes. Action Figures of Frosty the Snowman all shivvery & cold. Scenes of Baby Jesus in his Crate with close Family & Friends all around. That’s the way the holidays should be … surrounded by friends & family & BFFs. Unless you gotta work for minimum wage, no benefits.

Us Dogs & other critters are getting into the Spirit of the Season. We’re breaking out our fave holidays songs & carols. Old Faves & New Instant Classics. Here’s what’s on my IPod this year:

🙂 Bark the Harold Angels Sing
🙂 Oh Howling Night
😕 Goofy the Red Nosed ReinPooch
:-/ Angels We Have Heard on High
B-) GrandDam Got Run Over by a Greyhound
0:O I Saw My Dam Licking Santa Claus
B-$ Little St. Bernard
*-) Aussies Fidoles
B-( Jingle Tags & Jingle Tags Rock
<:) Deck the Kennels
090 What Pup Is This
& last but not least
*:)* Snoopy's Christmas . . . Bless You Red Baron.

Now we gotta get started on our shopping list . . . before it's too late & all the Door Bustin' Deals are gone! OpalK9 OTJ

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