As per usual around our domain in this, the Season of DWTS, we gather around our TV to watch the competition & dancing, glitz & glam. It’s been a season of sometimes shocking surprises, innovation, creativity with what twists & turns can be accomplished by the human body when set to music.

Now it’s down the the very last, The End. To say that our Little Group of Groupies was surprised to find Jack & Bill in the Final 4 is understatement. Oh we liked them both just fine. Mymi says any member of AARP that makes it to the finals is OK with her. Bill was a showman & competitor but he got thanked & excused last nite. No real surprise there.

But Jack, Pampered Offspring of Hollywood & Rock Royalty. He turned out to be a Real Trooper. He has his Health Issues & Adversities to overcome & he’s overcome with grace &, shall I say, K9 Dignity & a Show Must Go On Attitude. He’s also kinda cute & cuddly, in a human sorta way. Jack’s in the Final Finals Tonite. We’ll be watching.

It was less surprising to find Corbin & Amber in the Final Finals Tonite. Both are accomplished performers in other areas of entertainment. They accepted the Challenge. Stepped Up to the Plate. Took Control of Dance Lessons. With Hard Work & Competitive Spirit they arrived where they are tonite. Amber had some Physical Issues to overcome but she Worked Thru . . . Corbin had other Bidness to attend to. But he was able to Own the Dance Floor with each nite’s Challenges.

So now tonite, we are again biting our nails. If Jack, indeed, takes home the Glitterball, it’s because of Audience Participation, Tweeting & Txting outweighing the scores. Fair enough.

Our Little Team of Groupies, East Coast & West, thinks & believes, however, that the real competition comes down to Amber & Corbin tonite. Amber has energy & verve, vitality & she just todolly & completely Owns It when she’s out there, especially when she’s doing her Jives & her Charlestons. Such energy & competence. & Corbin . . . such grace & command. He’s not afraid to Push Thru His Comfort Zone to new levels.

So we’ll just hafta wait until tonite. The Suspense is Killin’ Me.

& directly following the Super Exciting DWTS Season Final Final Finale comes Thanksgiving. Myself, personally, I’m giving thanks that I won’t be spending the holiday at MySpa & Resort which is a fine place to be . . . but I’d prefer to be home with my Little Family. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. OpalK9 OTJ

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