It being a fine & super spring . . . no wait, it’s a fall Veterans Day. Well lemme just demonstrate the challenges in determining the exact season we are currently in. See attachments. See . . . The Last Rose of Spring & Turning Leaves of Fall. Is it any wonder a mere dog could be confused?

Anyway back to my blog post…It being a fine Veterans Day here in My Valley, all sunny & bright & cheerful & dry . . . we decided to honor Veterans & those currently serving in uniform in the best way we know how. We utilized the big black trash bag allegedly left for us on the fence that separates that very interesting & tantalizing & . . . dry storm sewer ditch along the street where GrandSire resides.

We wanted to make sure & respect the fine & beautiful city in which we reside & which our people in uniform now & in the past served & sacrificed to protect & preserve.

We picked up the trash & litter along the street & parkway in front of Jesus’s Center of Education & Worship. It’s a fine place with a really large parking lot which I myself patrol & make sure everything is in order & ship shape.

Then we proceeded on to the Pond, picking up wrappers & Big Gulp cups & other such & such which people leave behind on their busy busy routes past The Pond & Jesus’s CoE&W.

Upon entering The Pond however, we didn’t think it seemly to drag our bag thru the entrance, down the hall to GrandSire’s domain. So we deposited our bag in the proper receptacle designated for such purposes at the Pond. Seemed kind of wasteful to me . . . that big, nearly empty bag. Even tho it was placed in the proper receptacle. But whattaya gonna do?

Upon greeting GrandSire & wishing him a Happy Veterans Day, we watched the devastation & destruction resulting from yet another natural disaster occurring in the Philippines on the TV. GrandSire served in uniform there in the Great War. He said that the destruction there today looks like it did when he was there so many many HYs ago. & he’s got the pix to prove it. We’ve seen them in GrandDam’s Pitcher Book of WWII. That was back in the day when they took pix on Brownie Boxes with film, whatever that is. Then GrandSire sent the films to GrandDam to develop & put in the pitcher book. Sheesh … so complex & time consuming.

We want to thank the Veterans & Men & Women Presently Serving in Uniform for their service & sacrifice. We hope that our little effort demonstrates the respect & gratitude in the hearts & minds of all Americans on this day.

& we want to express our sadness at the loss & destruction of Typhoon Hayian in the Philippines. But hey. It’s south of the Equator. Let’s continue to let 3rd World Countries pay for our excesses by continuing to deny Global Climate Change. OpalK9 OTJ

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