Alla y’all, my BFFs, know that around our domain, Dancing With the Stars is our very fave TV show.  We love all the. glitz & glam, camaraderie & friendly competition.  So we been watching the new season with great interest.

1 thing we noticed right offa the bat is that DWTS is only 1 nite/HW this season.  We liked 2 nites but I guess 1’s OK.  Guess that’s the New Normal DWTS.  Hard to figure sometimes how things stay the same & change at the same time.
1 thing that stays the same is music.  Myself, personally, I think music’s what sets humans apart, in a small way, from the rest of Animal Kingdom.  Us dogs try Harmonized Howling.  Just not the same, somehow. 
We like alla the contestants this year. But this is a competition so some have already been eliminated.
Bill Nye the Science Guy was a lotta fun.  You could just tell that dancing was not his Thing but he tried real hard & gave it the Show Must Go On performer’s attitude.  We believe he was eliminated cause he couldn’t dance & he got injured.  Not cause he says Global Warming is Real & it’s caused mainly by human activity.  *B-) cool  We were sorry to see him go. 
We were surprised when Keyshawn was the 1st Star eliminated.  He had an athlete’s grace & strength. But couldn’t seem to translate it to the dance floor.
Valerie was the most Gutsiest Lady dancing & performing thru her awful scourge of health problems.  She’s a real Show Must Go On kinda gal.  Christina was just a big surprise.
So we were biting nails to see who would go this week.  Tough choice.  We really couldn’t make up our mind.  We didn’t agree with some of the judges’ scores.  & not too impressed with the overall Improvisation Dance.  Mymi said it looked like a buncha Boomers on the Disco Floor in the 80s whatever that means.  So we were biting nails.
& then DWTS did something truly awesome & remarkable … we thought.  DWTS declared no 1 was being eliminated due to a glitch in the computer program.  Awesome & remarkable when you consider Big Bid’ness & Private Enterprise never eVer makes mistakes or have problems due to computer programming or human error.  Big Bid’ness & Private Enterprise are lean & mean & always always self-correcting in real time.
So good for DWTS & YAY for the competitors.  We are happy to see them all back again.  OpalK9 OT
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