urban turkeys 1 urban turkeys 2 urban turkeys 3 urban turkeys 4 urban turkeys 5
On Walkies today, we encountered something new . . . to me. Urban Turkeys. Was todolly surprising to me to find these Big Birds strutting my neighborhood.  They aren’t even yellow.

So I hadda sniff ’em & check ’em out pretty thoroughly.  They are, after all, new in my community.  & we can’t have just any ol’ turkey intruding into our quiet & safe little K9 Community & in the community at large.

I’ll hafta spread the word carefully today thruout the wider Community of Rose about these new guys.  I’ll pass thru the park on Squirrel Roundup & spread the word.  ‘Hey fellas!  Didja hear about the new guys around?  Urban Turkeys!  They seems quiet enough.  But keep eyes & ears pealed for any missteps.’  That’s what I’ll tell ’em.

Of course there’s the Greater K9 Community that must be informed.  K9s of many heritages & lineages.  Mixed & registered. Noble 1 & all.  We should keep up defenses until we’re sure these Urban Turkeys are of good faith & noble character.  That they aren’t just encroaching into our quiet surroundings to poach unexploited territory & resources.  Can’t have none of that bidness.

So I’ll spread the good word today to my friends & BFFs.  Welcome these strangers & newcomers to our community with caution.  They seem quiet & respectful enough but perhaps I only saw a small sample of their number.  Tread with caution.  If they multiply like humans we could be in serious trouble.
palK9 OTJ

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