1st Dog, Bo Bama, welcomes the newest member of the 1st Family to the White House. Meet Sunny Bama.  Bo & Sunny are gonna be great siblings & BFFs.
Bo’s got a lotta responsibilities which he must relate to Sunny so she can be a successful White House Guide & Assistant.  & a self-respecting Offspring of Great Todo.
Awesome responsibilities Bo.  Sunny looks like a good & attentive K9 & I’m sure she will do well under your instruction.
About that K9 Franchise, tho, Bo.  Not seeing much progress there.  Given the Voting Rights situation in some certain states, it’s prolly not surprising.  K9 Franchise looks to = rolling a ball uphill with your nose, which as us K9s know is pretty difficult even with our superior sense of balance & control & characteristic steadfastness of a K9 with a bone!
Welcome to the White House, Sunny.  Good luck, Bo.
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