Dear Mr. President Barko Bama,
Just wanted to say Good Job there on the speech today.  We watched it on the TV while waiting to take GrandSire to view the Lone Ranger . . . Hi Ho Silver.
Just a little observation from Yr BFF, Yrs Truly OpalK9.
I find it most helpful when playing ball with my people to never ever take my eye off the ball.  I can run & jump & chase the ball.  Roll & tumble over bumpy park surfaces, grass & paved pathways.  But I never ever take my eye off the ball.
Sometimes there are things & circumstances that distract me, but I never eVer take my eye off the ball.  I can splash through a puddle & get my fur all wet.  Doesn’t deter me 1 bit.  I keep my eye on the ball.
Sometimes Mymi says I’m such a good ball handler they should sign me up with the A’s.  Not gonna let the prospect & speculation of a big fat salary distract me from my mission . . . keep my eye on the ball.  ‘sides it’s prolly too much to ask to think that they would allow a 4-footed critter to participate in a particularly human activity.  Same goes for the K9 Franchise.  But that’s another issue for another day . . .
So I’m tellin’ ya, Mr. President Barko Bama, take my word for it as a great ball handler, keep your eye on the ball.  No matter what kinda balls are tossed into the air.
OpalK9 OTJ
PS:  FYI: GrandSire thought Lone Ranger . . . Hi Ho Silver was a pretty good rockin’ sockem shoot ’em up.
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