The very most best thing happened yesterday.  My Auntie Joanna & Mymi left our domain for another ride to I know not where cause I’m usually not invited.  When I get to go we usually go to the park & my Auntie Joanna or my Auntie Judy throw the ball for me.  I have the best time catching the ball . . . mostly on 1 bounce but sometimes it flies real far & I hafta race like the wind to fetch & return.
So anyway, my Auntie Joanna drove off in our car & Mymi riding shotgun, still wearing that awful cumbersome looking collar she’s been wearing since she got home from the eternally long trip to I knew not where.  Off they went.
Upon return, I knew Mymi looked & moved different.  But my keen senses did not immediately pick up the fact that she was without the Collar.  I was so happy when I discovered this fact.  I still can’t jump up on her to show how happy I am, but she knew I was pretty happy with this fact.
My Auntie Joanna hopped in her old rattletrap car & returned to the foothills where she’s resides, near Doc.
So now things are all different all over again.  My Auntie Judy came today. She drove us to the park & Mymi threw the ball.  I hadda jump from the car & quick like a bunny (figure of speech cause I’m still just a dog) to check out all the trees & chat with the squirrels.  Hadda fetch the ball back, check out under trees, pick up all the scents & pmail left for me over this long period.  Hadda drink from the sprinkler water.  Puddle water is so refreshing.  But in the long run, it was Mymi doing the throwing.  My Auntie Judy will come again to visit when Mymi isn’t able to do Walkies sufficiently in the future.  I’ll miss my Auntie Judy but she has other pets & companions to take care of.
My Auntie Joanna’s gonna come again, 1 more time.  She’ll help us put the domain in good working order.  She’s gonna hang out here til she can go to see the Love of Her Life.  & then she prolly won’t be comin’ again for a while.  She’s gonna return to university in the fall.  She’s preparing to live the American Dream & we are glad to help her achieve this laudable goal by helping her to purchase books necessary for her Higher Education.  I’ll miss my Auntie Joanna too.  But she’s gonna be Outstanding in the Field.

Things are returning to normal . . . slowly.  Myself personally, I’m glad to have this chapter in our adventure over & done with.  OpalK9 OTJ

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