We been watching ‘Merican ‘Sperience on PBS this week cause there’s just not enough rebellion & unrest, violence, strife & stupidity on regular cable TV. We been s’prised to find that history keeps repeating itself. & humans think dogs don’t have enough sense to pound sand in a rat hole!?
For instance, we discovered that the 1960’s were some pretty radical times. Peoples of colors began demanding their rights to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. Some began trying to get equal educational opportunities for their offspring. Some just wanted to eat at white lunch counters. Myself, personally, I think white is a blah boring color. I prefer red & blue bowls. Some just wanted to use a bathroom. Another human obsession, IMHO. Why can’t they just use the ground like sensible critters?
Lotta peoples of colors began riding buses to freedom which said buses didn’t always go directly to the destination. Sometimes they hadda get in the Patty Wagon, go to court then go to Parchment Farm, which is a farming community in the Deep South. Somewhere around FLand but I never been there.
Some of the parades & marches ended up with participants getting cooled off with firehoses cause apparently they weren’t fighting continual big wildfires at the time.
In other areas of our nation, peoples of rainbow colors we’re getting fixed from their illness or shunned & cast out. They didn’t even wanna get united in a ceremony. They just wanted to assemble peacefully. Sometimes their struggles ended in fire, a particularly scary prospect. I got really todolly scared with all the fireworks blasting off last couple a nights.
So perhaps the statement history repeats itself is inaccurate cause I’m not sure how far peoples of colors have come in the past 50 yrs. But things settle down into dull routine while people adjust to change, which they’re not real good at. & they go on to new issues to argue & bicker over or they find new ways to split hairs over the same old issues. Either way, I hope things settle down for a while soon.  OpalK9 OTJ
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