July 1 Mimi returned to our domain. She was in residence at the Rehab Hilton. My Auntie Judy took me there a few times. I loved playing catch with Jess & Gretchen. Walkies with Barbara & Adrienne. Whatta cool place. It reminded me of GrandSire’s ‘cept more ppl stayed in their jammies.
They put additional jewelry on Mymi’s neck but I, myself personally thought her old jewelry was better. Mimi appears to agree with this assessment. So not sure why all this took so long to accomplish. She also received a red racing walker just like GrandSire’s ‘crept she doesn’t use it all the time. So I’m still unclear as to what this whole Staycation was all about.
July 2 my Auntie Judy & Mimi picked me up from MySpa & Resort . . . for good & ever they said. We did go Home & Stay. I assisted in moving the massive accumulation of stuff back into our Domain. I’m as yet unclear as to why humans believe lugging around a whole lotta junk is intellectually superior to wearing fur & walking on 4 feet.  Whatever.
July 3 Mymi’s 1st experience shopping on the motorized cart. I see ppl on them all time at GrandSire’s. They do fine. Mimi says it was an Adventure. Not clear ‘zackly what that means. My Auntie Judy took me to the park while it was still early & not unbearably hot & humid. Lately the weather reminds me of FLand ‘crept without bugs & snakes & gators in the pool.
  • July 4. Happy birthday to our country. This is gonna be the best 4th of July ever. We’re gettin’ all duded up for 4th of July swim & picnic. We got red white & blue roses & a whole lotta deli food so Joe- Josh- & Kel-Bob & My Papa can come over for a Partay! Woo-hoo. Booyah!
So things are getting ship shape & back to normal again . . . whatever normal is or was. This is gonna be the Happyist 4th of July ever.  OpalK9OTJ
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