So like . . . I been hanging out at MySpa & Resort for the longest time.  No one tells me when I’m going home to my domain or nutthin’.  I was beginning to think I was In Rescue again.  & I’m like . . . why?  Wha’d I do wrong?  I try to be the best dog ever.

Then after an awful long time, Judy Walker came to visit me.  We went for a ride home again.  Sure was good to sniff my old familiar surroundings.  We went Walkies & Judy threw my ball for me at the park.  So fun.  We returned to the domain for a bit more errands around the domain.  I laid in my mat for a while . . . so nice & comfy.  I accompanied Judy Walker to aid Autumn the Cat at JanThurs domain cause she hadda be away for some reconstruction on body parts.  Daisy Duke gotta visit some other friends.

On the way back to MySpa, Judy Walker ‘splained the whole thing to me.  She says I gotta brush up my very best therapy dog skills so I can assist Mymi.  Mymi’s in a Home like GrandSire resided in when we 1st went eastward to guide & assist him back onto the Yellow Brick Road to mobility, good health & good humor.  That’s a challenge where Mymi is concerned.

I didn’t really wanna return to MySpa & Resort but didn’t really want to hang out at home all alone, day & night.  So I’m learning to take 1 for the cause.

Next time Judy Walker came to see me, she brought me to see Mymi.  I wasn’t real sure it was true until I sniffed her out . . . but she was there.  She was so happy to see me.  & I was so excited to see her.  Kinda blew my Therapy Dog Creds when I jumped up to say hi.  But Mymi was wearing this most mysterious neck wear I ever saw.  I soon decided it was not in either of our best interest to jump around like an undisciplined & untrained Goofy Dog.  So I sat quietly while Mymi chatted with the helper Human Therapists around here.

We walked around the grounds.  I spied a squirrel that needed chasing.  Mymi said that was OK.  Jess threw a ball for me & I did my best to retrieve using all my very best skills to show Jess what a good therapy dog I am.

Tomorrow Judy brings me to see Mymi again.  Not exactly sure what this bidness is all about.  But my skills & abilities are needed & I’m gonna do my very best.  I wanna go home for good & ever & Mymi does too.

Mymi says Judy Walker will be visiting & helping for some while post return home.  Doc is gonna send Joanna to assist some days.  Joanna trains & shows & grooms alla Doc’s big white dogs.  We’re gonna adjust just fine to some new circumstances.  Gotta maintain a flexible attitude around here.

GrandSire is kicking up his heals at the Pond.  But it’ll be good to see him & tell him all about our adventures just as soon as we can.  Perhaps Judy or Joanna will assist us to travel there but I’m darned sure we won’t hafta take another airplane ride to get there.

So tonite I’m brushing up on my Therapy Dog skills & preparing to go see Mymi tomorrow.  Sure wish I knew when we can go home but those details remain very mysterious for now. OpalK9 OTJ

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