I made a new BFF the other day.  Her name is Judy Walker.  She came to visit & meet me.  She was very nice.  Good News.

We been payin’ extra special good attention to GrandSire to be sure he’s comfortable & safe.  He likes that.  Good News.

I been getting lotsa extra rolls in grass, chats with chipmunks & cats, birds & bees (if there are any around).  I been sniffing out the most important & awesome p-mails & other messages along my route.  Good News.

Me & Mymi had an extra long nose-to-nose chat last night.  I sat in her lap & she petted me.  So cozy.  Good News.

She ‘splained the situation to me.  Good News/Bad News.

She said I gotta go to MySpa & Resort.  Good News.  But it’s gonna be for a bit longer than usual.  I’ll have plenty of time to R&R, get my nails & fur done.  Schmooze with my peers.  Good News.

She’s gonna go to the Vet for some body work & alignment adjustment.  Good News/Bad News.

She said when I’m ready to return to MyDomain, Judy Walker is gonna pick me up.  Judy Walker is gonna accompany me on Walkies for a time upon return to My Domain.  Good News.  We won’t be going to GrandSire’s.  Bad News.  Judy Walker knows JanThurs & Daisy Duke.  Good News.  Maybe Daisy & me can Walkies together.  Good News,

Mymi said for me not to be scared.  So I won’t.  I’ll wait at MySpa & Resort & I’ll be brave & patient.  Judy Walker will come get me when the time is right.  Good News.

So I’d say, on the whole, my scales are tipped on the side of Good News.

I packed my laptop.  Mymi’s got the cell phone.  We’ll keep in touch.  Real Good News.

OpalK9 OTJ

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