Howya doin’ Daisy Duke. So todolly cool hanging out with you the other day. You are doing a Good Job learning your new role & skills for your New Life. For the most part, JanThurs is todolly happy with your performance.

Allow me to pass along a few Tips & Pointers, Best Practices for Journeydog Guides & Assistants:

🙂 Always act like you want to do whatever your Companion tells you to do . . . even if you don’t. Your Companion sometimes sees & knows things & dangers you don’t scents.
🙂 And always Come when called. Companions don’t like to be Ignored.
B-( Make sure your Companion carries PooBags. It is discourteous behavior for Companions not to pick up poop after you. You & your mama don’t want to be discourteous Walkers.
😦 Don’t eat Kitty Rocha even if it smells delightful. It gives you bad breath & upset tummy. It can cause your Companion great additional expense (which they don’t like) & you wind up eating Rx Food for a long long time until your tummy straightens out.
B-( If you sense something is wrong, Speak to your Companion. They can ignore you if they want. That’s the way it is . . . unfair, I know. Whattaya gonna do?
😕 If you are Walking On Leash, don’t drag your Walker or run circles around them. Companions are sometimes unsteady on their feet & you don’t wanna cause accidents. Your Role in this regard is Accident Prevention.
B-) When you visit homes & residences such as GrandSire’s domain, always be sure to smile & sniff at the other residents. They mostly love us dogs & it’s good PR. I, myself could use a little brushing up in this area.

I, myself, personally, believe that if you follow these few Tips & Pointers, you’re gonna do OK as a Guide & Assistant. You are still on the uphill side of the Learning Curve. You have good Instincts.

Let’s have another Playdate in the Park soon.

OpalK9 OTJ

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