Dear Honey:
We hadda reach out to our cousin, OpalK9, Bloggin’ Dog, in order to contact you on PlanetPluto.com. You were with us so shortly & left so quickly we never had time to know you real well. & now you are gone & we’re sad.

Our Mama, Peach, is sad & devastated & inconsolable. She has a good heart. She just wanted to do the right thing & rescue you from the middle of a busy street in the Valley of Casinos & Bling. Tootsie Roll & Scooter are very sad too. They grew very fond of you in that short time. & #1Son is gonna make sure little dogs can’t slip out again. He’s not too worried about Lily cause she’s pretty big & couldn’t ‘slip’ thru nutthin.

We didn’t even know your name. So we called you Honey cause Peach said you were the color of Honey.

We looked all over for your Forever Family & your Home Domain, but you weren’t chipped. Then you slipped outta our yard & got hit by a passing (too quickly) car. Everybody misses you. I’m sure your Forever Family misses you too.

We want you to be sure to Search for Cali & Puffin cause they are good dogs & know their purpose. They’ll show you the ropes on PlanetPluto. & for Pete’s Sake, get a Twitter account or some way to contact you directly.

Honey, we hardly knew ya!

Yr Sad Friends,
Buddy & Lily & Max

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