I got comments from . . . Birdie & Bogie (seriously):
Comment from Birdie: Here, here! I just sent a letter to my Oregon Senator asking him to stand up to the NRA bullies and provide us with even basic common sense protections.

Comment from Bogie: I agree, Opal K(. I heard on the news some senators were blaming the non-passage on the NRA. Those who claim that and all those who voted against it should publicly announce their retirement forthwith based on their blatant disregard for their supposed commitment to public service on behalf of we the people which was sacrificed for
votes to feather their own nests. what will it take for we the people to say enough and get rid of the bums altogether

Dear Santa:

I’m re-sending my Xmas Wish List. Not sure what good it will do at this low point for our representation in Congress. We learned yesterday that Congress answers to the highest bidder . . . which in the case of Sensible Gun Legislation means the NRA.

& the NRA & it’s minions in Congress value 2nd Amendment rights to pack lethal weapons for everyone, including violent offenders & mentally unstable with violent tendencies over the 1st Amendment rights of the Post Born to pursue life (which many claim to value even in it’s most unviable stages, but that’s another issue, tho not necessarily unrelated, sort of), liberty & happiness.

Dear Santa, instead of reasonable gun legislation, could you just puh-leez provide those chosen to lead the US, in a unified fashion, with a soul . . . cause the NRA failed to provide them with 1 when they bought those votes.

Still Your Good Dog,

OpalK9 OTJ

Sent: Sun, December 16, 2012 4:57:43 AM

Subject: Re: DEAR SANTA

OH, OpalK9, My family has been and remains so upset by the loss of the little kiddies too….Unbelievable this could happen but you know OpalK9, when humans forget about God, being kind, respectful and just loving each other on a daily basis not just when tragedy comes along what can we expect……You are right, some people are praying for better gun laws, more love and return to the Greatest Generation when good solid morals prevailed but we need more to get on the “right page”….. Our hearts will remain heavy this Christmas season…..Thanks for the thoughtful message and hope you get all your Christmas wishes as you are a special dog and my BFF….Lots of love and hugs from Mom and me to you and our Mymi, Annie

— On Sat, 12/15/12, OpalK9 wrote:


Date: Saturday, December 15, 2012, 7:57 PM

I been a todolly good dog this whole HY through. Mymi says so & I believe her.

I guided & assisted my family as best I could. I patrolled my community keeping things neat & orderly.

I watch over JanThurs for Puffin during this difficult time for her. I send Puffin txt msg updates.

I sniff out birthdate toys & Christmas presents to be sure everyone gets just the right present. Really tryin’ my best here, Santa!

To be sure you know where to find me I been leavin’ pee-mail msgs along with all the other good & watchful K9s. I paws at all the Christmas decorations to appreciate them & leave my scent. I really like the lambs in the manger scenes. & of course all msgs leave an obvious trail to my domain. I enjoy a roll in the grass on each & every walkies to leave my scent. This Christmas msging is harder than I thought. Santa what’s your txt msg #?

My Christmas List . . .
1. a good bone for a medium size dog. Wrapping not necessary.
2. some peanut butter rawhide chews. I love peanut butter.
3. 1 yr supply of cheese slices. I get 1 every night.
4. a nice new pink collar . . . with sparkly things on it would be nice.
5. & Santa . . . 1 more thing, in memory of Derek & all the humans that have died as a result of senseless gun violence . . . could you bring Americans some common sense & compassion re: reasonable Fire Arm regulation. I know you been busy @ the No Pole & you might notta heard about the latest tragedy where 20 little kiddies about Tootsie Roll & Scooter’s ages were killed by another angry young man with too many guns & a great big grudge. Dear Santa people are praying about this but the msg does not seem to be getting thru. So could you distribute some common sense about the subject. Maybe if it’s all wrapped in a bow humans will open it up & it will seep out into the air like a really good scent.

Dear Santa. That’s all of my list. I’ll be sure to put cookies & milk out for you but you better not come down our chimney cause it’s kinda small & cramped. Merry Christmas to you.

Yrs Truly,
A Very Good Dog

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