So like yesterday we had a delightful Walkies.  We took our usual pathway over to the park.  At that point right there is the road construction previously mentioned.  Where they are placing dips in the curbing & Yellow Dots for the Seeing Eye Dogs.  Major construction on our neighborhood streets don’tcha know?

So we took an alternate pathway to GrandSire’s  We pass through more of the domocidal pathways on this route.  We pass lotsa domains.  People work in their driveways & on their lawns & flower beds.  They toss bits of this & scraps of that out for the Trash Man who makes a noisy pathway through our neighborhood not 1x/week but 2x/week.  It’s all pretty exciting when combined with the D9Cats & Cement Trucks of the Work Crews.

Of course I gotta sniff out everything like it’s brand new cause you never know when there will be ever so subtle changes in our surroundings which I as a Self Respecting Offspring of Great Todo & a Conscientious Guide & Assistant should be fully aware of.  Clearly I would not be living up to my duties & responsibilities if I were not cognizant of such changes in my environment.

I found a really todolly Good Find & Righteous Pick on that particular day.  I found a bone.  I tried to hide it from Mymi but Ol’ Eagle Eye spotted it & almost made me Leave It!  I woulda been Righteously Miffed about that but she said it was a Righteous Pick & I carried it all the way to GrandSire’s.  Right through the Lobby of the Receivers.  I waited patiently while Mymi got GrandSire’s mail & chatted with the Lobbyists.

Upon arriving in GrandSire’s domain, I placed my bone very carefully on the floor.  I chewed it up real good.  It had lotsa good tasting marrow & other good things.  I licked up the spillage & tidied up the rug.  & that’s how Polite & Courteous Dogs Bring Your Own Bone.

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