It occurs to me that I have been taking our schedules & routines, activities & routes todolly for Granite lately but NO MORE!  I gotta get sharp & smart, flexible & adaptable if I am to continue in my Role in the Family Circle as the Faithful Companion, Guide & Assistant.

For instance, I’ll tell you what I’m talkin’ about.  There is some road construction occurring in my neighborhood.  Mobility Impaired Access & Seeing Eye Dog Yellow Spots are being installed on our streets . . . to accommodate those with less agility than individuals such as myself, an agile & curious herding dog.  Said accessibility accessories are currently being installed along the park where we pass on the way to GrandSire’s domain.  Todolly changes my focus to get where I’m going.

Or we been super busy lately & our routine has been altered in that sometimes I gotta be flexible & adaptable as to when I get my Walkies & when I hafta remain on vigil in the domain.  Sometimes duty starts early in the AM.  Sometimes it extends well into the darkened hours & past my dinner time.  Gotta be flexible.  I always get my meal . . . eventually.  Told Mymi tho that I’d run away from home if I don’t get my cheese slab & peanut butter rawhide bone.  (FYI I wouldn’t really but a dog’s gotta have some boundaries).

& so it is that I was somewhat unprepared in the flexibility & adaptability department for the surprise (to me) visit from my UncaT & AuntieTeach.  I was sure surprised & happy to see them.  I barked & yipped & ran around the car 3 times.  They arrived late at night & then they all went to sleep.

They took GrandSire for a ride down the River & before anyone knew they were at the Bay Bridge.  So they went over the Bridge, ate dinner, took pictures & videos of the Light Show on the Bridge.  & then they thought to return to our domain & get me some dinner.  GrandSire todolly enjoyed the adventure so that turned out OK & I just hadda cool my jets & be patient.  I did my job tho.  I know my purpose.

The next day, they all went to the Aerospace Museum in our town.  That’s a place that’s loaded with old military aircraft & new modern(ish) space exploration stuff.  Beings as how I already been to the NASA Space Center, this turn of events was not todolly overwhelming for me. GrandSire enjoyed seeing some of the old & historical aircraft that helped win WWII.  He enjoyed discussions with the people who love airplanes & flight & love to share their knowledge & experience.  He liked the Aerospace Museum greatly.

Today I finally got my chance to shine in my role of Companion, Guide & Assistant when we hadda take UncaT & AuntieTeach to the International Airport so they could return eastward.  I know all about that stuff.  I hadda ride shotgun just in case they got lost & wound up on the Bay Bridge again.  UncaT & AuntieTeach woulda never made their flight.  & 1 other thing I know is you’re never eVer late for a flight departure or a tee time.  So I’m learning…

So I’m working on my Flexibility & Adaptability Skills.  Nothing is cast in stone & I am not gonna take our routines & schedules for Granite anymore.   Lotsa pix were taken & I’m attaching a few.
palK9 OTJ

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