Puffin:  FYI Jack Ruckford didn’t work out with JanThurs as we all hoped.  He was a good dog & sure to learn his purpose in no time.  But Jack Ruckford was just not the Dog of Her Dreams.  So it’s for the best.

The good news is that JanThurs has found Daisy Duke, a Labrador of Noble Heritage such as yourself.  Daisy Duke comes from a very abusive & inattentive situation.  Daisy Duke is so very happy to be in a secure & loving environment now.

Daisy Duke still has much to learn as even tho she is 2+ HY old, her former situation didn’t provide much training on how to be the very best Guide & Assistant & All-around Companion she can be.  We suggested an education @ PetSmart University would be a good start in orienting Daisy Duke in the proper ways of Good Dogs Who Know Their Purpose.  Education, patience & love are the secrets to successful Human/K9 relationships, as you yourself know full well.

& don’t worry, Puffin.  We promise to keep up with them while they are getting to know each other.  Your Mama is in good paws, Puffin.

Howzit goin’ up there on PlanetPluto?   You’ll be glad to know that President Barko Bama won the election in Nov.  We are working with BO Bama to ensure that K9 issues are finally considered in the agenda for the next 28 K9Y.  JanThurs is on board & I’m sure Daisy Duke will come on board when she’s prepared to dig in.  Right now she’s got a lot in her bowl.  OpalK9 OTJ

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