Hey!  Wait a miN-Nette.  Seems like I’m still holding the phone!  Seems like only a short time ago I was a confused & disoriented young pup, who upon having been just been blown eastward to a land strange & mysterious, found myself suddenly having to count up HYs so I could guide & assist in the celebration of GrandSire’s 650th birthdate.  & now that date draws near again.

Only this time, things have changed dramatically.  Cause now we reside in the Great State of CA where things aren’t so strange to me & GrandSire is becoming accustomed to new people, places & experiences.

So it is that we attended the regular birthdate celebration @ the Pond where the SacBanjoBand wassa picking & a plunkin.  Makin’ that old timie music the residents of GrandSire’s era or thereabouts can understand & appreciate.  Real foot stompin’ happenin’ there

They had cake & ice cream (which no one thinks to share with ME).  Balloons & Bangles.  Lupe (seen in the attached pix w/GrandSire) passed out roses to all the January birthdates of which GrandSire is among as he will be 686 K9Y on Saturday.  Holy Katz! That’s a lotta HY.

We have discovered, however, that GrandSire is indeed, not the eldest resident of the Pond.  Ruby celebrated her 693rd birthdate in the very same month as GrandSire.  Congratulations to Ruby & to GrandSire.

It’s been a lotta good times these past HY.  GrandSire & me, we‘re Thick as Fleas.  He pats my head & lets me lick up spilled Ensure so as to keep his domain tidy & clean.  We watch the events of the day unfold . . . & not on FOX NewsHounds, Pundits & Savants . . . which is another great change & adaptation in our evolving relationship. 

So we just wanna say . . . Great Big Happy Birthdate, GrandSire.  & you can be 700 K9Y old if you want.  It’s OK with me. OpalK9 OTJ

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