I been a todolly good dog this whole HY through.  Mymi says so & I believe her.
I guided & assisted my family as best I could.  I patrolled my community keeping things neat & orderly.
I watch over JanThurs for Puffin during this difficult time for her.  I send Puffin txt msg updates.
I sniff out birthdate toys & Christmas presents to be sure everyone gets just the right present.  Really tryin’ my best here, Santa!
To be sure you know where to find me I been leavin’ pee-mail msgs along with all the other good & watchful K9s.  I paws at all the Christmas decorations to appreciate them & leave my scent.  I really like the lambs in the manger scenes.  & of course all msgs leave an obvious trail to my domain.  I enjoy a roll in the grass on each & every walkies to leave my scent.  This Christmas msging is harder than I thought.  Santa what’s your txt msg #?
My Christmas List . . .
1. a good bone for a medium size dog.  Wrapping not necessary.
2. some peanut butter rawhide chews.  I love peanut butter.
3. 1 yr supply of cheese slices.  I get 1 every night.
4. a nice new pink collar . . . with sparkly things on it would be nice.
5. & Santa . . . 1 more thing, in memory of Derek & all the humans that have died as a result of senseless gun violence . . . could you bring Americans some common sense & compassion re: reasonable Fire Arm regulation.  I know you been busy @ the No Pole & you might notta heard about the latest tragedy where 20 little kiddies about Tootsie Roll & Scooter’s ages were killed by another angry young man with too many guns & a great big grudge.  Dear Santa people are praying about this but the msg does not seem to be getting thru.  So could you distribute some common sense about the subject.  Maybe if it’s all wrapped in a bow humans will open it up & it will seep out into the air like a really good scent.
Dear Santa.  That’s all of my list.  I’ll be sure to put cookies & milk out for you but you better not come down our chimney cause it’s kinda small & cramped.  Merry Christmas to you.
Yrs Truly,
A Very Good Dog
OpalK9 OTJ
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