It being the season to give thanks for our many gifts & blessings & all, Sum Of My BFFs, the Local Ladies, were motivated to cook turkeys & take them to the local food bank & homeless shelter.  That turkey sure smelt good cooking in my kitchen.  Something that rarely occurs in our Domain.  My contribution to the effort was to lick up the turkey juice spilt on the floor whilst Mymi transported said turkey from oven to auto for further transport downtown.  I do what I can.
We also give thanks that GrandSire is almost back to his usual & chipper self.  We were very worried & concerned for a while about him.  But no worries.  He’s back to almost ship shape if a bit slower than before.   He now looks forward to meals at the Pond & social soiree’s with his Pondly BFFs.  He’s even more looking fwd to turkey lunch w/the Ponders & Lasagne Dinner w/Doc’s family.  He has a kinship w/DocsMama who is herself a feisty 95 HYO. 
To prepare for festivities today, Mymi prepared AuntieJanes World Famous Cranberry Relish.  Now you’d think aNyone could chop up a buncha cranberries & oranges.  Not so simple when working with obsolete, not state of the art equipment in a sparsely applianced kitchen.  Believe me the best thing for me to do was Stay in my Domain & Bark Notatall to guide & assist.  Mymi claims the problems lay with the fact that the chopper is older than #1Son.  Myself, personally, I think Mymi was just not meant for kitchen duty & it’s best for all if she limits efforts to holidays.
We are going for a nice long walkies soon in the beautiful sunshine & crisp, not too cold, air.  Some of you, my BFFs, prolly think the Great State of CA has too few seasons.  Not so, mis amigos.  We have plenty of seasons & just now the fall leaves on the trees are turning vibrant shades & colors.  Makes for oh so pleasant walkies with lots of leaf piles to sniff & investigate. 
It’s a glorious Turkey Day & we are grateful for all we have.  Happy Thanksgiving 1 & all.  OpalK9 OTJ
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