Dear Puffin:
Just to let you know, your Mama, JanThurs, is doing OK.  Yesterday we guided & assisted her to the SPCA to select your replacement . . . tho you are irreplaceable in MamaJan’s heart.  She still needs a companion to guide & assist her.
She interviewed several highly qualified K9s.  They were all top-notch candidates.  At the end of the day, she selected a plucky little fellow of Noble & Distinct Heritage.  He is reputed to be of the Chihuahua & Terrier heritage.  He was found abandonded on the streets.  No tag. No chip.  It was meant to be.
So rest easy, dear Puffin.  Your MamaJan is in good paws with Ruckford Jones.  & Ruckford Jones has a good Forever Home.
FYI:  Tell Seamus & Callie that Pres Barko Bama won re-election.  MamaJan is happy.  Mymi is relieved.  Not too sure how Seamus’s former companion feels about the whole issue.  OpalK9 OTJ
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