It being such a nice & beautiful day on Saturday, we walkied to GrandSire’s Domain with especial vim, vigor & vitality.  Bright, sunny.  Not too hot for myself.  Not too cool for Mymi.  Glorious day.
Upon arriving @ GrandSire’s, we proceeded to unwrap his Spit-Shiney & New Chromey Racing Stripe Rolling Chair.  Specially built for GrandSire’s comfort & mobility to motate to the Community Chow Room.  It’s a beauty.  It’ll take some extra spit polish grooming effort on my part to maintain that thing in tip-top condition.  But I can do it . . . for GrandSire.
We escorted him to lunch with the new vehicle.  Then we chit-chatted with staff & residents at the Concierge Desk of the Golden Pond.  We departed for our domain as is custom.
We made our return along the same route as we arrived.  But upon arrival therein, we discovered no keys to the castle thus affording us no access.  Nuthin’ to do but walkies back over there.
Upon re-arrival, Mymi found said keys exactly where she most absentmindedly left them last.  So upon retrieving said keys we started once again for Home . . . making our leisurely morning walkies about 4 miles in length.  Which is a lotta opportunity for me to sniff & sort & make sure everything is in it’s proper place & condition.  But I must say, even I was rather pooped upon arrival.  I was glad to be Home & Stay.
I guess Mymi was keeping this a secret from me until the very last moment.  She’s planning to fly to the Valley of Casinos & Bling to Trick or Treat with Tootsie Roll & Scooter.  I’m going to MySpa & Resort which is todolly cool with me . . . ‘cept . . . she’s taking the laptop.  Gonna have a lotta time on my paws . . . Goodie.  More time to pamper myself.  Dubl Xed.
Happy Trick or Treat Everybody.
palK9 OTJ
PS:  My very fave treat in all is P’nut Butter Rawhide Bones . . . hint hint.
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