Lotta you, my BFFs, might be thinking right about now, . . What the heck happened to OpalK9?  Our scribe & K9 Reporter Extraordinaire.
I assure you, my BFFs, I have not been remiss in my duties.  I been Guide & Assistant to GrandSire & Mymi to the very best of my abilities . . . which hasn’t always left sufficient time for my other duties & tasks.  Sometimes I don’t even get my routine Walkies . . . which I’m OK with that.  Cause it’s for the Greater Good of my Family & my Community.
GrandSire has been fretfully worried & concerned re: the outcome of the upcoming Presidential Election.  President Barko Bama must win re-election, says GrandSire.
GrandSire has given careful thought & consideration to this very issue.  We are under direct orders to tell Campaign HQ these very same sentiments.
So we’re giving our all to this effort cause you know, it is my personal belief that if BO Bama is not returned to the White House Kennel, us dogs will never have a chance to obtain the voting franchise.  Ask Seamus.  After all, we are as thoughtful & well informed & loyal citizens as many humans we know & love.
You gotta help GOTV, OpalK9, says GrandSire.  Here take my laptop to assist in this effort.  So we will be picking up GrandSire’s laptop to loan to the campaign to help GOTV.  This makes GrandSire feel that he’s contributing to the effort.  We’re carrying GrandSire’s message message forward.
Which brings me to why I have been somewhat incommunicado lately.  I been busy carrying out GrandSire’s wishes, Guiding & Assisting him in other ways as he recovers from an infection.  Plus my regular duties as a Litterary Activist pointing out trash & litter wherever I find it.  Chat-chatting with squirrels & chipmunks & cats & other neighbors & friends when I do get to make my rounds.  So OK I let some things slide but you, my BFFs, understand.
Also I’m conducting my own K9 Nation Poll to see who supports BO Bama’s re-installation in the White House Kennel.  I want to be todolly representative of my species when I approach BO to whisper to the President to start working on the Voting Rights for Dogs Act.
We don’t want to let GrandSire down.  He says President Barko Bama must win.  So we’re GOTV.
OpalK9 OTJ
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