drum drum drum DRUM          DRUM drum drum drum
That’s the visual sound of K9 Digit Drumming.  Digit Drumming cause I’m stuck here in my domain awaiting the Tech that’s s’posed to come out & fix my TV & internet connectivity which FAILED at a most crucial time.
Our very most fave show in all AnimalPlanet.com started Season 15 & we weren’t able to record due to mechanical FAILURE.  So we misssed introductions & opening dances.  According to OMG it is a season of Star Do-Overs . . . so they got a buncha ppl that appeared in Seasons Past to come on & Try Again.  Some won the Glitter Ball before & some didn’t.  I wonder . . . do they pass the same Glitter Ball around or does each winner get his/her very own.
We did see that Pamela went home last nite.  Remembering her from past season . . . this was not surprising.
However, this mechanical glitch & Hactivity on my email has prevented me from communicating my thoughts & feelings regarding this most serious of issues & other serious & vital issues to you, My BFFs.
I think it’s a conspiracy to suppress the Voices in the K9 Community.  Not just about DWTS.  Everyone knows I’m a severely solid supporter of BO Bama for 1st Dog.  If BO doesn’t get in, how are K9 issues eVer gonna be recognized & understood by the Larger Community of Citizens with 2 Feet & Opposable Thumbs.  Dogs are just as aware of what’s going on in their communities as the average human & we deserve the same opportunity to participate in our governance as any other citizen.  If BO doesn’t get back into the White House Kennel, K9s will remain disenfranchised for generations to come.  It’s just not fair.  Not Right.  OpalK9 OTJ
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