My UncaT came to visit me over the weekend.  We did Walkies.  We sat around & schmoozed.  I showed him my favorite spots on the floor from which to guard my family & my domain.  It’s all good.
Mymi & GrandSire hadda take my new domain companion to the airport to pick up my UncaT.  They stopped for lunch @ a BBQ joint which smelled deeee-licious by the time they arrived home.  I looked & looked for the Doggie Bag . . . but nutthin’ for OpalK9.
They moved on to the auto museum where they viewed the history of automobiles from the earliest beginnings of Car-dom.  Did you know there were auto manufacturers as early as the HY 1852?  Awesome.  There are now 10 major or semi-major auto manufacturers.  Which means that 1973 manufacturers have come & gone in 150 HY.  Nothing is permanent.
The next day, after our Walkies, they drove down the River to Humphrey Whale’s Restaurant.  Humphrey was the Wayward Whale that got misdirected into the Delta 27 HY ago.  A lotta ink got spent on Humphrey before he could be convinced to return to the ocean & go on his way to Alaska.  Sheeesh that’s a long way to swim.  Like . . . my rivers would run out before I got there.  Makes me tired to consider.  Anyway, Humphrey’s is Humphrey’s Legacy.  Way to make an imprint on history, Humphrey!
Then all too soon, it was time for my UncaT to return to MA.  We went for 1 Last Walkies.  I showed him cats & introduced him to squirrels & chipmunks.  They picked up GrandSire for Brunch @ Perky’s across the street from the Infamous Travel Lodge.  Then like that, he was gone.
My AuntieTeach hadda stay home with BabyMak.  I missed our serious discussions such as we had for GrandSire’s Birthdate Party.  We’ll see ya next time!
  OpalK9 OTJ
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