There’s a stranger in my domain.  Parked there since last Friday.  It’s my nice new shiney Toy Ride.  But I haven’t gotta ride in it yet.
Mymi went & picked it up . . . without me .  She said it would take too long to learn the vehicle without having to worry about me.  What? Me? I wouldn’t do nuthin’ wrong.  I’ll continue to do my best to guide & assist.  Meanwhile I keep guard of the domain with or without the Toy Ride inside.
Mymi took GrandSire for a ride around the block.  He awarded it the GrandSire Stamp of Approval.  It’s very accessible for people with limited mobility.
She took it to Doc’s for a test run in the foothills, away from freeway traffic & other suburban distractions.  On the way home, a Big Ol’ Hawk flew into it & knocked the rearview mirror for a loop.  Hey!  What are the chances!
I hope I gitta ride in it when we go pick up my UncaT.  He’s coming here for a long weekend visit with me & of course, GrandSire & Mymi.
OpalK9 OTJ

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