We met my BFF Puffin in the park today.  He was accompanying his Mama, JanThurs.  Me n’ Puffin, we schmoozed around, fetched the ball, sniffed out good stuff, chased a squirrel or 2.  Mymi & JanThurs chit-chatted.

But Puffin’s just not into much K9 stuff right now.  JanThurs is very sad with the passing of her offspring very suddenly & unexpectedly.  Puffin’s sad too.  He wants to help his Mama but he’s just not sure how.
We walked with JanThurs & Puffin to their domain.  Mymi & JanThurs chatted a long time about this & that.  Puffin lay on the floor @ her feet.  It seems that human chit-chat sometimes helps comfort sad & grieving people.
We were very sad to leave Puffin, JanThurs & Autumn the Cat.  Puffin & Autumn are doing their best to comfort JanThurs through this difficult time.  Of course, we’re just a short walk or a phone call away.
Respectfully, OpalK9 OTJ
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