On walkies of late, I been noticing lottsa more trash & litter on our neighborhood streets.  Especially on trash days when the big green trucks come loudly along our streets, lift our trash & recycle cans up in the air & dump the contents into the truck bed . . . mostly.  Sure is noisy & makes me bark & bark  & bark.  Sometimes things fly outta the trash cans & never quite make it to the truck & it lands on the street.  Then too the trash cans can be left on the street all day long until their people get home to bring them in behind the fence.

You know my philosophy on this issue . . . Every litter bit hurts.  Makes our streets messy & untidy looking.  Add to that the junk & trash that gets thrown outta car windows & to go cups tossed from bikes & you have a real mess on your paws.  & all that trash eventually gets into the sewer system, plugs up the drains & could cause floods . . . if it ever rains again (which is the subject for another day cause that’s when the results would be felt . . . another day from the day the trash fell).
I know.  I get it.  People are hot (& I mean HOT here in my valley, but that’s another subject).  People are discouraged.  The economy is broke.  People need decent jobs so they can have $ to buy things & find a nice home to settle into. Lotsa homes in our neighborhood are empty so they aren’t so well cared for as when there are people & families living in them.
So it’s getting down to the wire & up to Dog Nation to carry the day.  Up to us dogs to be the agents of change we’ve been waiting for.  Up to us dogs to be sure your human has adequate supplies & equipment to pick up the trash & litter, not to mention poop (cause we all know there is no Poop Fairy), that gets left on the streets in our neighborhoods.  Be sure to guide & assist your human in the proper direction to do what is right.  Pick up the trash & perk up your neighborhood.
I was pretty excited to walkies through our community park/school yard the other day & see a crew of workders mowing the lawns & trimming the bushes & emptying trash cans.  I was soooooo excited to see improvement efforts I ran around the triple tennis courts 3X.  YAY.
Things’ll get better someday soon & when they do we don’t wanna be behind the 8 ball in the image department. We don’t wanna let our humans down. We can do this.  Yes we can.
OpalK9 OTJ
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