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Meet Jack.  You don’t know Jack.  Until a few days ago I didn’t know Jack.
Jack’s a good dog & knows his purpose.  Jack lives with his family, Sharon & Bary, up on a ranch near Doc’s place.  All us ranch dogs are closed personal buds & BFFs.
Among Jack’s responsibilities are the very important task of Fire Supresson.  Our foothills are bone dry this year & fire caused by lightening strike is a very big concern.
So Jack does his best to ensure that the area around his domain is damp & safe.  Good job Jack.
We hadda go to Doc’s anyway to guide & assist in the transfer & restock of the family refrigerator after it died due to lightening strike.  So you can see how challenging & concerning lightening strike can be.
I tried & I tried to attach the video of Jack doing his job.  Jack’s a hero.  But like Patsy Possum . . . the file was too large to attach to my message & I can’t display my videographer skills 😉  Sometimes these modern conveniences a major pain to the digitally challenged.  OpalK9 OTJ
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