Ya’member how I said it was HOT HOT HOT here in my Valley . . . not so long ago. Well that’s sooooo Last Week. Valley temperatures have since plummetted from 108 to a cool & refreshing 80. Even put out the fire burning in the canyon above my Valley . . . for which everyone is grateful. Smoke was blowin’ all over the place & causing health related & breathing problems even for us critters close to the ground.
Patsy Possum was so happy for the cooler weather & smoke free environment . . . she decided to pay us a visit on my back fence. We didn’t light up the pitcher too much cause we didn’t wanna scare Patsy off. She looked kinda nervous & ill at ease . . . so I tried to welcome her & make her feel at home.  How am I doin’? See that’s me jumping up & down to say Howdy Howdy. We’ll see if Patsy returns tonite.
Then a most amazing thing happened . . . raindrops sprinkled in my pool. Soooooo amazing we just hadda take a pitcher of that with the backdrop of cloudy skies in the HM of July. NeVer happened before . . . in my experience.
Now today, this day in mid-July in my Valley . . . it’s hot Hot HOT . . . again. Not even gonna try to take another pitcher of that . . . cause we’ve all seen hot before. Besides not exactly sure how the other stuff turned out.  I think Patsy has paid us subsequent visits but she’s pretty shy & doesn’t hang around my pool so much. OpalK9 OTJ
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One Response to PATSY POSSUM

  1. ok9otj says:

    Patsy Possum is quite cute, for a possum…….beautiful pool…SOMEONE should be IN the pool besides the raindrops…Auntie Mabear.

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