I shoulda known when Mymi says to me, all bright & cheery like is so not her usual puplic persona, Come OpalK9.  Let’s go for a ride.  & like the ditzy yet eager to please faithful hound that I am, I jump right in the back set.
Shoulda known something was comin’ when I hadda jump over my laptop to reach my space as backseat driver & shotgun rider.  Shoulda known.
Shoulda known when we go to GrandSire’s & retrieve him for a short ride . . . someting was up.
Well I got real tuned to the situation @ that point.  All my superior senses highly sharpened to detect what might be happening next cause I had my suspicions ya know.  Not just another Big Dumb Mutt.
Then before I could say to myself Milkbone, we arrived at that all too familiar destination & I was dumped unceremoniously @ MySpa & Resort.  I could hear some of my buddies welcoming me from behind the glass door so I hadda give Mymi 1 last look of woeful regret before slipping into R & R Elysium.  Now I can concentrate on myself for a change & make sure I’m all ship shape & mentally prepared to face whatever challenges arise upon my return to duties with my family.
Mymi went to the Valley of Casinos & Bling to observe the Dance Recital of Tootsie Roll     . . . Star of the Show in a Pink Poodle Skirt Revue.  Mymi say Aw-right!  That’s my Era . . . with the Dinsaurs & Rock Stars.
She sent me some pix which I hadda photoshop to share w/my BFFs.
I’m gonna get all Fluffed & Blow Dried & pedicured too before I return home which is almost as good as stage preparation.
From now on I’ll be extra observant & careful when things start going my way so easy . . . Fool me onece shame on me.  Fool me twice shame on . . . well you know the old saying.  OpalK9 OTJ
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