It’s official. The Donald has won the DWTS Glitterball for this season.  He’s not just another Cheesehead ya know.
DWTS Groupies, Team East Coast & Team West Coast paid close attention to the competition. Early on they selected the contestants they thought would go the distance.  They thought The Donald might be a long shot but the neVer saw the Glitterball going to him.  Congratulations Donald.  Good job.
We, here @ Todo Chronicles, wish to congratulate & take note of the city of Joplin MO.  That’s right next door to KS from which Great Todo was blown eastward by a Killer Tornado.
Joplin was struck by another Killer Tornado named ironically enough the Joplin Tornado just 1 hy AGO.  It’s been a whole HY since major devastation & disaster struck that small town in the middle of the Nation & already that resiliant community is on the mend.
Congratulation to Joplin for uniting & pulling together to help & assist each other to recover from this tragedy.  They are busy rebuilding & making a better community for all.  Rebuilding schools & bidnesses, homes & neighborghoods.  Places of healing & houses of worship. A community coming back better & stronger.  A resiliant community.  Way to go Joplin.
It’s the American way ya know.  Americans are at their very best engaged in great enterprise & working together to build a better tomorrow today.  Yes We Can.
palK9 OTJ
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