Dear OpalK9, Things are heavenly up here on PlanetPluto.  Tell my MamaDoc I’m OK.  I hadda a good life on AnimalPlanet.com.  Yr BFF, Callie.

Dear Callie, I’ll fwd yr msg.  RIP.  You are a good dog & know your purpose.
Dear OpalK9, I’m kinda new @ this txt bidness. A lot has changed on AnimalPlanet.com since I been back on PlanetPluto.  Dogs had no voice when I was there.  Just tail wagging.  I just wanna say I think all the fuss & fury re: CrateGate is over the hedge.  Honestly it wasn’t THAT bad riding on the top of the family station wagon 12 HH & being car-sick for vacations.  It really really wasn’t.  Yr Friend, Seamus.
Dear Seamus, Good to hear from the dog’s mouth, ol’ buddy.  I’ll take you @ your word.  You are a good dog & true to your family.  You knew your purpose & wouldn’t be distracted.  I’ll fwd your msg.  Yr Bloggin’ Dog.  OpalK9
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  1. ok9otj says:

    This is the best yet!!!!! You go girl ………GMama & Annie

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