It’s been such a busy day for a slow rainy day of April showers.
1st I hadda guide & assist Pool Man to adequately maintain our pool cause that’s an important component of our domain & I wouldn’t want any further surprises down the line . . . @ the end of the day.
He hadda make a couple of trips but he got the pool all ship shape & ready for summer which is about the only season we haven’t experienced in the last 2 HWs.
We still hadda get our exercise in so we went Walkies around our neighborhood where flowers are blooming the colors of happy & raindrops dance on the petals.
We just couldn’t resist a few happy snaps on our Smarter Than Me Phone.  So simple & tidy.  Easy to share with my BFFs . . . which is kinda nice when it seems like recently everything has been twice the effort & expense for 1/2 the benefits & satisfaction.  I Can’t Get No Satisfaction . . .
OK. Mymi insisted I pose for a couple of the pix.  OpalK9 OTJ


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One Response to APRIL SHOWERS

  1. ok9otj says:

    Dear Bab, Hay Chijuajua & Holy Frijoles. Did I get that wrong? Yr BFF OK9


    Opal; Love to get your missives, but you need to talk to a Mexican Hairless about that “Cinco de Mayo” being a Mexican Independence Day. Your friend Babs

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