Among my duties & responsibilities as Domestic Ballhandler…I hafta make sure the family balls are cleaned & properly maintained & readily accessible in case the moment is right.
I have strategically placed a number of balls of varying sizes, colors & with an array of options & accessories in the yard, around the pool, & in my domain, both in my crate & on the tables that collect other strategic stuff.
Yesterday I offered Mymi the opportunity to throw the ball for me.  You know . . . so she could get a little constructive playtime & exercise.  We were having such a good time & then the ball disappeared over the fence into my BackYard Neighbor’s Yard.
Well, ya know, I made real good BFFs with him a couple a HY ago when I permitted him into MySpace to rebuild the fence.  He’s real nice & todolly cool.  We’re like this . . . BFFs & all.  I’m sure he’ll toss my ball back whenever he maintains his yard next time.
I have pondered for a long time, while storing some really curious balls in my crate what the exact purpose of two fuzzy green balls linked together is precisely.  Mind you I’ve kept them safe in the back of my crate . . . no chewing or hiding like a bone.  Lately I have become aware of the purpose of these special balls.
Mymi pulled these balls from my crate & said . . . Good Job, OpalK9 which made me smile like I understood exactly what she meant.
She then proceeded to place these balls in the middle of the rug upon which I myself have been known to R & R.  Then she laid down on top of them & proceeded in a Roll & Scratch Process similar to mine when I find a particularly enticing fragrance in the grass on Walkies.l  So now I know.  She wants to pick up my scent from my crate & carry it with her always.  Isn’t that nice?  ILY2  OpalK9 OTJ
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  1. ok9otj says:

    I’m giggling my day away… needed..thanks AGAIN!!! LY2 Auntie MaBear

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