So like . . . there I was all smug & complacent.  Cat-like for sure.  Expecting the Easter Bunny to visit my domain with my share of Easter Eggs.  & olive a sudden . . . zoom. Zap. Pow.  I’m whisked off to MySpa & Resort.  Which is not so bad @ the end of the day.  Cause they play with me.  They fluff & pamper me.  & all’s I gotta do is sit around & look pretty & be my most people-dog best.  Piece o’ cake.

So I gotta Note from Buddy reporting on his escapades guiding & assisting our family in my absence.
Seems he hadda accompany Scooter & Mymi to the Little Park.  Scooter is learning Dog Walkies Skills.  He does a good job.
Upon arrival @ the park, Scooter turned leash responsibilities over to Mymi so he could go mingle with his Playground Peers.  So they’re sitting there . . . Buddy & Mymi. & then Mymi hadda approach the Brick House.
Buddy says he’s not sure what happened next.  Approaching the Brick House he hit the Panic Button.  Slipped his collar & just could not enter the Brick House.  He escaped onto the Playground & then things got really furry & fuzzy.  Buddy being all panicky & such.
He’s not todolly familiar w/Mymi’s voice & commands.  He wasn’t sure what to do.  Scooter tried to reassure him, but finally they hadda capture him & place the collar back on.
Buddy says he’s sorry.  He todolly flunked his responsibilities & didn’t respond properly in a panic situation.
That’s OK, Buddy. No harm. No fowl.  You still got the family safely through the rituals & ceremonies . . . those being egg procurement, dying, hiding & hunting.
Buddy’s a good dog & knows his purpose.  But he may be suffering a little Old Timers Disease.  Him being some 12 HY old.  Peach thinks he’s becoming auditorily & visually challenged.  Buddy does OK when he is motivated.
Buddy sent pix of the whole event.  & now I’m back to my domain.  No eggs for Opal.  OpalK9 OTJ
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