You hear a lot in the news & in the air about:
    rising prices
    price of oil & gas in China & India & . . . here
    mortgage meltdowns & crisis of credit (continuing)
    bank bailouts v auto industry bailouts
    healthcare, medicare & social security
    sluggish economy
    tax & spend, tax relief
    gun violence
    Occupy . . . Protests
    Job creation & Right-sizing bidness
    American Exceptionalism
    Drill. Baby. Drill.
    Save Our Home Planet v Colonize. Baby. Colonize the Moon or whatever
    Education Debt, National Debt, Bankruptcy & Restructuring
    War on Women
    Birth Control v Birtherism
    The War on Drugs is Lost. Legalize Marijuana & Gay Unions
    Commodities Futures Trading
    Future of the European Union & Debt . . .
    Dirty Politics v Clean Air & Safe Drinking Water.
All stuff that’s been going on for-eVer @ least since the Western World became the first World & humans have been trying to solve big problems with bumper stickers & sound bites & Easy Buttons.
Now the Big Fight is re:  accessing the very last drops of oil available in country yet miles below the surface of by injecting high pressure & high chemical content water into the subsructure til it cracks & fractures & releases all the oil thereby relieving US from importing oil or investing in safer, cheaper, cleaner renewables  Simple.  Cheap.  Easy-Peazy.  What could possibly go wrong?
To Frack or not to Frack . . . That is the new F*&$ Bomb.  OpalK9 OTJ
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