My Turkey Jerky Treats are always kept on the counter in my domain which is quite handy cause that’s where I stay when Mymi goes out in the car.  She always gives me treats & tells me to do a good job guarding which of course I always do.  Except when I’m away attending to other duties as required.  Sniffing Security Detail.  Guiding & assisting my humans, Mymi & GrandSire & occasional Drop-In Fam & Friends.
When I’m gone tho that Sneaky Squirrel invades my private space.  The other day he broke into my Turkey Jerky Treat Pack.  He scattered plastic bag pieces all over the counter & floor & he Stole all my Turkey Jerky Treats.  Next morning, when Mymi found the mess, she looked @ me with suspicion in her eyes.  I didn’t do nothin’.  Todolly a bummer.
DWTS Season is off to the races.  IMO there were no clear standouts like JR last season.  Katherine, Rashon & William could go all the way but I wouldn’t count Donald out.  Now there’s a The Donald a dog could like.  Martina, Melissa, Gavin & Jack prolly won’t seee the end except in the audience box.  They can admire the coveted Mirrorball Trophy from afar across the Grand Stage.
Mymi’s gaga over Brooks’ gowns.  Well not Lady Gaga gaga.  But they are very pretty & sparkly.  I like the colors, bright & spectacular.  She’s also wondering what the heck the judges are smoking . . . Scores are pretty Over the Hedge in some cases. Leaves nowhere for aspirations & improvement.
My BFF, Chet the Dog has a new book coming out in the fall which might be as early as next week.  It’s called A Fistful of Collars.  He tells me it’s quite good.  I’ll be looking for it.  Way to go Chet.  Tweet Chet @chetthedog.  OpalK9 OTJ
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