We stop & chit-chat with residents @ GrandSire’s residence.  Lots of GrandSire’s peers like to pet my coat & mention that they had a dog just like me . . . back in their day.  We like to chit-chat with the staff @ the Pond, just to keep up with current events.
Today we met Joe & Mary Ann & Sydney, new residents to the Pond.  Joe walks Sydney in his Scooter Chair.  Mary Ann motates as does GrandSire . . . supported by the Walker.
Me & Sydney got to know each other quickly as us dogs must do these days cause we’re usually on Human Time.  We sniffed quickly.  Sydney is a good dog & knows her purpose . . . guiding & assisting Joe & Mary Ann.  If Joe hadn’a told me, I woulda never known Sydney is a fellow traveller . . . an Aussie just like me.  Cause Sydney’s got a tail.  It’s a noble tail, quite unlike my stumpy little tail.  We’re an inclusive breed.  Good to know ya, Sydney.
My countdown clock is set & ticking down to DWTS Season 14 . . . 23 hr 10 min to go & counting.
Roshon Fegan with Chelsie
Gladys Knight with Tristan
Jack Wagner with Anna
Melissa Gilbert with Max
Donald Driver with Peta
William Levy with Cheryl
Sherie Shepherd with Val (Max’s brother)
Katherine Jenkins with Mark
Gavin DeGraw with Karina
Martina Navatilova with Tony
Maria Menounos with Derek
Jaleel White with Kym
It’s a star-studded line-up of people I mostly never heard of.  But who knew from JR Martinez before last season?  My laptop is ready for the challenge.  DWTS . . . bring it.  OpalK9 OTJ
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