Sometimes on nice sunny warm afternoons when me & Mymi are sitting around the pool soaking up the rays, Mymi wants to play catch.
So I go & get my ball for her to throw.  My little space doesn’t have a lot of room.  There’s necessary furniture & fences, pool equipment & green shrubbery & landscape material.  & of course . . . the pool takes up space & is very wet & cold cause it’s still officially winter.
She usually sits in her low chair & tosses the ball against the back fence.  I keep my eye on the ball all the way.  I must admit I’m able to negotiate some pretty tight spaces & not knock myself out on obstacles in my pathway.
Sometimes she throws it against the brick step up & it rebounds back to her.  I get it.  & then sometimes it falls between the fence & the brick patio & I get that too.  Occasionally the ball falls in a teeny tiny space that rubs my whiskers & I can’t get it.  & it’s down too far for me to scratch out with my paws.  Once in a while she has ta step in & retrieve my ball from that tiny space.
I like when the ball bounces into the pool in the summer time.  I getta jump in the pool to retrieve my ball & that’s pretty cool.  Not too crazy about jumping in the pool when the water is todally cold.  Then I let her retrieve with a long stick that has a net @ the end.
Mymi says I’m an awesome ball handler.  She says if our local BB team could handle the ball like me . . . we might have a winning team worth the serious investment currenly being asked of the community.
Not sure exactly what all that means but I’m sure it was very deep & insightful.  I just like playing catch.   OpalK9 OTJ
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