Yesterday we took a nice long Walkies.  We, of course, went to GrandSire’s to see what’s the haps there.  Things were good.
It was a nice sunny day.  I was most pleased & gratified to cover ground we had covered before . . . sometime ago.  I hadda catch up with the squirrels & chipmunks, dogs & yes . . . cats.  It’s been a while & things been happening on my outer route.
I received & sent pee-mail.  Looked up trees.  Sniffed out sub-terrainean residences.  I checked out fire hydrants & phone poles, light posts & stop signs.  We stopped @ all busy corners to wait for traffic lights to escort us across busy streets.
We checked in @ Starbucks for a nice relaxing warm drink & to kick back in the sunshine.
Upon exiting Starbucks, we continued up the busy street, following our usual path past stores & restaurants & the Infamous Travel Lodge.
We met up with a man on a bicylce.  He was Searching for his dog, Bella.  He said Bella ran awy from home when she was startled & scared by big, loud & scarry noises happening in her neighborhood . . . across the big freeway between our community & their community.  Bella’s a beloved dog of Noble Heritage of the Border Collie/Lab lines.  She’s mostly Black & White.
We promised to keep an eye out for Bella on our pathway home.  So Bella, if you’re networking out there . . . your Family is Searching for you.  If you’re Chipped, call Home Again.  If you’re on FB, post your status.  Contact Dogs are Family on FB Or Tweet me . . . ok9otj.  I’ll forward this very important information on.
We hope Bella returns home OK.  We crossed that bridge over the freeway a couple of times.  I would be so scared to do it all by myself.
I knew I shoulda been more diligent & persistent in pursuing the DRP2MF Movement.  Bella could go there to contact her family too.  OpalK9 OTJ
PS:  You could also tweent @chetthedog.

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