It being President’s Day & all, we took GrandSire to see Big Miracle.  It’s a movie about how Pres. Ronald Reagan, a President whom GrandSire greatly admired once upon a time, & a Global Community Partnership, Saved the Whales . . . Fred, Wilma & Bam-Bam.
Indigeneous Humans, that’s humans who belong to the land or snow upon which they live, noticed the Whale Family was not migrating out of the Arctic Regions of the Ocean & bitter cold winter was approaching, freezing over their pathway to warmer ocean environs.  Whales sniff their pathways in water but the gotta come up for air to make their journey.
They got the Media & Environmental Activists on the story pronto.  Meanwhile they started sawing blow holes in the fast closing ice.  Activists solicited assistance from some unlikely sources & soon Big Oil was towing Huge Space Heaters to the scene with big, heavy fossil fueled choppers.
& then the strangest alliance of all occurred when Mr. Reagan said pretty please, Gorby, lend us your icebreaker.  Make us look good in an election year.  Whatever . . . Icebreaker to the Rescue.
Meanwhile Indigenous People were sawing holes to open water, Activists were rounding up resources & Media was reporting round-the-clock to Save the Whales.  Unfortunately Bam-Bam, who had been tangled in fishing nets & caught cold, did not rise to the surface 1 last time.  Fred & Wilma, & the whole Save the Whales Community, mourned & grieved & paid respects to Bam-Bam.
When the Russian Icebreaker made 1 final attempt to break the ice, Fred & Wilma got freed to the open sea.  They breached & waved their flukes in gratitude & made for warmer waters.
Ya know, sometimes Humans aren’t all that bad in the Critter World.  They can be thoughtful & caring & forget their own presumptive importance in the overall scheme of things . . . when they want to.
GrandSire liked the movie.  He said . . . Thank you for guiding & accompanying me to the movie, OpalK9.
Me & Mymi were pleased.  OpalK9 OTJ
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One Response to BIG MIRACLE

  1. ok9otj says:

    You are the VERY BEST, OpalK9 !!!!! GMama & Annie

    I can’t wait to see this movie…have wanted to see it since I first heard about it….Auntie MaBear

    That is wonderful!!!! Ironically, I am heading out the door to bring youngest to this movie—-it sounds like it has good reviews from the family!) AuntieTeach

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