I try to keep up.  I really do.  But sometimes things get away from me & then I gotta run faster & sniff longer to catch up.  I mean I thought it would be like foreVer until my family got here to see me & wish GrandSire a most Happy Birthdate.  But things are happening around here & allof a sudden I gotta lotta things to do.
#1Son, Peach, Tootsie Roll, Scooter & J2 arrive tomorrow evening after the sun goes down.  Holy Cocker Spaniel.  That means I gotta clean up my crate & make sure it’s all neat & tidy.  I gotta lick up around my eating bowls & make sure MyMat in MyPlace is all neat & tidy.  I gotta find my balls in the backyard & wash them off in my pool so I can play catch with the kiddies if they like.  They aren’t bringing Buddy & Lily tho:/
Gotta warn the squirrels not to mess up the place or I’ll get really, really angry & bark @ them allot.
Then I gotta sniff the pathway from our domain to GrandSire’s.  Well I know that route pretty good but I should leave peemails so I can provide leadership for a group of my peeps moving from here to there.  But I also gotta re-investigate the pathway from GrandSire’s to the temporary residential facility that will be used by all my human visitors during this party-down weekend.  That right there, that’s a challenge.  I can’t wait to meet my family that I’ve talked about & discussed & known from afar for so long.
Next day after the sun goes down, my UncaT & AuntieTeach arrive with TreeMan & MainSqueeze.  They are coming alllllll the way from the right coast.  That’s a long trip.  I know.  I did it a time or 2.  That’s OK TreeMan.  My advice . . . just get up in your seat & go directly to sleep.  If you look out a window in the daylight it’s kinda dizzifying.  I already met UncaT & AuntieTeach.  They were nice to me.  They have Ca’ani & TreeMan has Ginger so I’m sure they’re good dog persons.  PhotoGirl & Cuzzins Dave & Rose are comin’ in sometime but I’m not sure exactly when.  PhotoGirl has Otis back home.  My family is all good dog ppl.
Next day is the Most All-Important Day . . . The Birthdate Party.  Gotta arrange for samwiches & cake, candles & balloons & funny hats for everyone so they’ll know @ the Pond who attends our party & who just lives there.  I looked for a card @ the drug store on 1 of my long walkies that says Happy Birthdate #97 but we hadda settle for a 90 & a 7 Happy Birthdate card.  Gotta be adaptable here.
GrandSire is preparing for this big occasion of which he is the main attraction.  I accompanied him to the human groomers where he got his nails buffed & his fur fluffed & trimmed & blow dried.  He’s most excited about this event.  I can’t wait to meet all my family.
Ya know, you’d think with all the things dogs do to be productive & responsible members of society, humans would consider extending the franchise to the K9 Voting Block.  We’re solid citizens & some of the best informed & objective members of this society.  Dogs Are People Too, My Friends.  So join the DRP2MF Movement.  Sign petitions for a Constitutional Amendment for K9 Civil Rights or just Like it on FB, Tweet it on Twitter.  Remember Dogs are contributing & responsible members of this country.  Dog Are People Too My Friend.  I’ll be passing that petition around as soon as I get a chance. Gonna be a little bit busy this weekend.  OpalK9 OTJ
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