I can tell already that this HY is gonna be better than last HY.  It’s just gotta be . . . cause we been on lotsa extra long Walkies & I got to explore places in my neighborhood & surroundings that I haven’t seen in a long long time.  Since like I can barely remember when.  & I’ve seen some new things that give a dog paws @ the wonder of it all.
NYD we went for an extra long walkies & it was so good to stretch my legs & run.  I hadda kinda readjust my nose to sniff out the pathways & leave peemail for all my friends & acquaintances saying OpalK9 is back.
Next day, we took our usual walkies to GrandSires.  He enjoyed a special breakfast of hotcakes & all the essential accessories the ordinarily accompany such a repast.  He was sooooooo full he saved the honey cured sausages for me.  Yum.
Another day we went on todolly long walkies to Starbucks . . . where we haven’t been in so long it ain’t funny.  Starbucks has a particularly peaceful atomosphere for us dogs with such a heavy load of responsibilities.  I gotta sit under the table & watch ppl work on their wi-fi laptops. Some are working, others are entertaining themselves quietly.  Others are occupying themselves with their Smarty Phones. There are a few people chit-chatting with human companions.  Sometimes it difficult to imagine humans could get along in such quiet & civil companionship.  I guess if you get only a few together for a brief period of time & they pay enough for their cafe, they won’t wanna mess up the ambiance.
The most exciting walkies of all was todolly outside my realm of experience & todolly blew my mind.  We departed GrandSire’s as usual.  I thought we were going home as usual but instead of going lefties @ the corner of MegaChurch & freeway intersection, we walked straight, up over the freeway overcrossing.  & suddenly there I was . . . looking down on all the cars speeding under me.  It was so exciting I didn’t know whether to sit or go blind.  It’s a dog’s duty to bark & chase passing cars but how you gonna properly chase cars that are speeding underneath you.  I tried barking my loudest looking straight down upon them.  They didn’t even honk.  I tried approaching from both sides, running up & down on the sidewalk.  I tried to get down closer to those cars by running through the weeds & dried grasses that protect the sides of the freeway but no luck.  Big fences guard the embankments.  So cars you’re safe for now.  It was a dizzifying & exciting & challenging experience & I shan’t forget it soon.  In the meantime, I’m gonna devote some time & consideration as to how to properly herd those freeway cars.  OpalK9 OTJ
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