My 1st Seasons Greetings card came in the snail mail today.  It’s from 1st Dog, Bo Bama.
Bo’s got his paws full being 1st Dog & all.  He’s got awesome responsibilities that reach far beyond duties of ordinary Just A Dog Dogs.  He’s gotta watch out for the 1st Family.  He’s gotta guide & assist his girls, Sasha & Malia.  He’s gotta guard the domain @ a Big White House.  He’s gotta monitor movements of his male companion, the Big Kahuna, Mr. Pres Barko Bama & look after Barko’s Mate, Michelle.  In addition, he’s got duties & responsibilities reporting & coordinating with Men In Black, the Secret Service.   Dog O’ Dog.  Bo’s got his job cut out for him.  Good luck with that Bo.  Thanks for thinking of me, your FB Friend & Twitter Follower, OpalK9 OTJ.  Tweet me.
I notice alla us Guide & Assistance, Bloggin’ Dog have similar signature & logos.  So funny.  What are the chances?  I’m gonna tack this Seasons Greetings card up in my crate.  It’s my 1st, ya know.
Speaking of the Season to Be Jolly, I suppose I’m gonna hafta make plans & considerations for a visit to MySpa & Resort, cause 5’ll get you 10 I’m gonna be spending the Season there.  Gonna hafta get going on My List, check it twice.  Hope everybody likes bones for Xmas.  They come in chicken, beef, lamb, cheese & peanut butter flavors.  My very Fave is p’butter.
OpalK9 OTJ
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