I knew it.  I knew it.  Things were going just waaaaaaaay too good, too smoothe.  I was beginning to get complacent & not so watchful, taking the ease of life for granite.  We were On A Roll.
Mymi packed up (& pack up it is, everything around here these days is like a military campaign) to go play golf the other day.  I know she was playing golf cause she placed her golf sticks in the trunk & lotsa other necessary items in the car.  I expected her to be gone a long time.  I know about golfers from my experiences guiding & assisting @ GrandSire’s former residence in FL-land.  They’re not very tolerant of dogs but I can deal. I’m accustomed to being Just A Dog.
Anyway she was gone a long, long time but I wasn’t getting too worried.  When she did return to our domain right away I noticed something todolly different.  Cause she was home but my domain was distinctly empty of vehicle.  I thought that was kinda strange but I declined to mention anything . . . cause, ya know, I don’t wanna raise alarms where none is necessary.
So we got in our jammies & went to bed, the garage empty.  Then we hadda get up way way early for a Sunday AM.  We went outside & whaddaya know, the car I had only recently become familiar with what with Papa & Babs’ scent & all, spent the cold windy night right next door.  I was a little puzzled for sure.  We moved it & backed it into my domain & I hadda watch it all day.  Mymi came out & started it a couple of times & it came to life no problem.
Then when the sun was going down, she came out & started it again.  She was talking on the phone w/Doc.  The car started throwing off smoke & seriously bad noises.  They offended my refined olfactory & auditory senses.  She shut it down & I hadda spend the night inside cause my space was uninhabitable.
This AM, the big Blue & Yellow truck came, again, & hauled our vehicle away.  This time I hadda guard it on the trip to the mechanics office. I hadda ride in our car, in my usual spot, cause the truck is not allowed to transport dogs 😦 .  So I hadda do my best from the back seat of the towed car.  Awesome responsibilities.  It was kinda fun if you wanna know the truth.  The truckman said I’m a good dog 🙂
From the Mechanic’s Office, we made our way to GrandSire’s for our usual drop in.  & then home again.  Sometimes it’s difficult for a dog to keep up with fluid conditions.  The mechanic says we’ll have the car tomorrow . . . good as new.  I’ll reserve judgment until I give it a good sniff or 2.  We’ll get On A Roll Again later.  OpalK9 OTJ
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